Functions Terms & Conditions


If a tab is required, the money or credit card must be provided prior to the start of the Function.


The Sorrento Brewhouse will organise digital music to be accessed during your function.


Functions may run for as long as required within Sorrento Brewhouse trading hours. The latest a Function may finish will be 12am.(Sun – Thurs: Latest Finish Time is 10:30pm).


The Hirer will be responsible to any damage that may occur in relation to or from guests at your function.

The hirer indemnifies Sorrento Brewhouse against any claims for any loss, damage or theft of goods belonging to the hirer or their guests. The Sorrento Brewhouse adheres to Health, Liquor & safety Acts and all Federal and State regulation.

A Bond of $200 in cash is Required prior to Function for any damage or excessive mess to the property during your function. Bond will be returned to Hirer when Venue is inspected by Management. The hirer and their guests also undertake to conform to these regulations.


The Sorrento Brewhouse is a Licensed premises and practices responsible service of alcohol, and it is asked that all patrons understand and aid us in this legal requirement and remind all guests to carry appropriate identification and drink responsibly.

ALL PATRONS must carry approved personal identification and be willing to present to hotel staff and Security upon request. A minor may not enter a function without being accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.


$2000 to hold the date followed by 40% payment of total 3 weeks prior to event fully paid prior to event.

Please note that the deposit payment is non-refundable and non-transferable, regardless of how far in advance the function is booked.


Functions cancelled after final payments are due, will not be refunded.

The following charges will apply for cancellations within: 90 days - 50% of the total estimated cost. 60 days - 70% of the total estimated cost. 30 days - 100% of the total estimated cost.


No alcohol may be brought onto the premises, except where it is offered as a Bombonieres. Likewise, food may not be brought into the main body of the establishment unless it is a Wedding cake or Bombonieres that is small in size.


The client will be responsible to ensure the orderly behaviour of their guests.

The Brewhouse reserves the right to intervene if necessary.


The client will assume responsibility for any damage caused during their function, whether in the rooms reserved or in any other part of the establishment.


No functions on public holidays


Items to be attached to any wall surface of the venue require written approval of management. Any item that may be considered offensive to other persons will be removed from public view by staff.


Menu and beverage arrangements, entertainment, room set up and additional details need to be finalised with the manager at least one weeks prior to the booked function date. The manager will contact you to arrange a final meeting.


These are required four weeks prior to the function date and charges will be based on guaranteed numbers or actual attendees, whichever is the greater.


All gifts should be removed from the premises at the conclusion of the function. If not possible, special arrangements need to be made with the manager prior to the function. These gifts and monetary items are the sole responsibility of the client.


All quoted prices are inclusive of Goods and Services tax.


All functions need to run in alignment with the security and the reputation of the establishment. We reserve the right to make appropriate decisions if this is not the case.

Please note 15% sur charge on peak season 1st Jan to 1st Feb.


To be finalised 2 weeks prior to event possible charges will apply if new items are added to menu.

All pricing may differ from weekday to weekends


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